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Far and Away

Far and Away

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Quick Overview

Congratulations! You've just won an imaginary trip that will take you to Far and Away places. Get comfy and cozy, and explore fascinating parts of the world with this issue.

Product Description

  • How can anyone go Around the World in Eleven Minutes? Find out in this hilarious cartoon story!
  • Discover the unique ways people around the globe celebrate their own special holidays. During the Holi festival in India, people throw colored powders on one another. Long, colorful dragons rule the streets during the Chinese New Year. Winter celebrations bring light to the world when the days turn dark. Join the parties!
  • We live in a big country, where places are very different from each other. Join two brothers who travel from Montana to Ohio and experience new and exciting things.
  • Let your imagination take you to a Central American rainforest, where girls from Embera villages dance to the sound of drums. With their bright skirts and bodies painted with beautiful designs, they're a wonder to see.
  • The world is full of strange, unusual places people can visit. Decide which ones you would like to experience in
    10 Places That Are Far and Away.
  • Guten Tag! This is how you say "hello" in Germany. Let's explore German culture and find out all the great things that came from this country. Like hamburgers!
  • If you were a Samburu herd boy, after caring for your family's treasure of animals, you would practice throwing spears. There are lots of lions in Kenya, East Africa, you know. You have to protect your herd!
  • ALL THIS PLUS Animals from Far Away, how to smell a rainforest in your kitchen, Max & Gracie, 200-pound fish in West Africa, super puzzles, your letters and drawings in Kids Corner, and MORE!
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