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White & Light

White & Light
Vol. 25 Issue 01

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Quick Overview

What things can YOU think of that are white and light? Explore this issue for surprising twists on things that are white and light.

Product Description

  • Katie lives with her parents in a lighthouse by the sea. The day comes when it's up to her to keep the lighthouse lamp burning. Can she do it?
  • You can't get much whiter and lighter than marshmallows! In this section, learn how to make your own fluffy marshmallow castle, find out how marshmallows were used as medicine, and try our melting-a-marshmallow experiment. (Here's a hint: It won't melt unless you know the science secret!)
  • When conditions are right, the Antelope Canyons in Arizona are home to a display of brilliant white light. Discover how it happens, and see photos of this beautiful occurrence!
  • Megan wants to be as good at winning races and contests as her older sister, Julie. What can she come up with that will put her in the winner's circle at the company picnic?
  • Snow is white and light – at least, single snowflakes are light! Let your giggles loose with this section guaranteed to tickle your funny bone!
  • Meet a lovely girl who lives on the island of Samoa, where they celebrate White Sunday, a special day set aside just for kids.
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