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Time Flies

Time Flies
Vol. 24 Issue 05

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Quick Overview

Did you know you have a “clock” in your body? Spend time with this issue and read all about clocks, time capsules, calendars used by people of long ago, and so much more.

Product Description

  • What difference can a few minutes make? Phoebe learns the answer to this the hard way.
  • Ponder the mystery of the Mary Celeste, a ship that went missing in 1872 while crossing the Atlantic Ocean.
  • You've probably heard of time capsules, a cross between a message-in-a-bottle and buried treasure. But did you know that time capsules are sometimes lost once they're buried?
  • You and a friend can make your own time capsule to hide! It's easy, and you'll have loads of fun filling it and decorating it.
  • When it's 10 AM in California, it's 1 PM in Massachusetts. Why on earth do we need time zones?
  • Meet Benjamin Banneker, a young and very important early American clockmaker and inventor.
  • Why does our year have 365 days? Why not 299 days? Discover the answer here, and marvel at how our calendar came to be created!
  • Before clock and watches were invented, people told time by looking at the Sun. Here are instructions to make your very own sundial!
  • Do you think you have it tough with the chores you have to do? Step back into time and see how kids lived 500 years ago.
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