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Skunks, Weasels, and More!

Skunks, Weasels, and More!
Vol. 20 Issue 01

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Quick Overview

They can be fast and ferocious or calm and quiet. Some are long and lean, while others are stocky and solid. Explore the furry, stinky, active world of weasels, skunks, and their friends!

Product Description

  • Gus and Frank have a dilemma: Do they dare get close to a skunk in trouble?
  • Just how potent is a drop of skunk's smell? Find out here, and learn a bunch of other fun skunk facts.
  • How do you bring home a weasel or some other animal when Mom says no? Just bring home their tracks! Here's how.
  • What's a badger doing in the White House? And which President's kid almost got nipped?
  • Alex wanted a different kind of pet, and he got his wish, all right!
  • How can an otter not like water? Ask Otto!
  • Read up on ferrets, wolverines, ermines, and minks, and you'll be the one everyone goes to for information on these amazing animals!
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