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Vol. 20 Issue 03

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Quick Overview

Numbers are fun! We use them every day and in countless ways. This issue helps you think of numbers in a whole new way.

Product Description

  • It's the Great Snake Tally! Can you count all the snakes found on the pages of this issue? It's trickier than you think!
  • Learn these math number tricks, and amaze your family and friends (and maybe even your math teacher)!
  • You've heard about inches, feet, and yards. But do you know what a smoot is?
  • Wild animals don't stand still. They walk, run, swim, fly, and hop. So how do wildlife experts count them?
  • In this story, Stefan is sure the new boy in school, Luis, would be great on the math team.
  • See how many of these 10 facts about the number 10 you know.
  • Millipedes can have hundreds of legs. Read other fun facts about bugs with lots of legs.
  • You can add or subtract them and multiply or divide them. But you can also draw with numbers. Here's how!
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