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Vol. 24 Issue 06

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Quick Overview

From buttons to Kewpie dolls, you’ll have fun reading this issue about girls who collect all kinds of things. Get inspired to begin a collection of your own!

Product Description

  • Kailyn has just moved to a new town, and now her class is giving presentations on collections. Kailyn wants to make a good impression on her new classmates. What can she bring?
  • Adorable, big-eyed Kewpie dolls usually have a curl on the top of their heads. Feast your eyes on Kewpie cuties here!
  • Frieda has been given a box of beautiful buttons that came from the "Old Country" -- Switzerland. She might be able to sell them to buy the jewelry she wants, or . . .?
  • If YOU have a button collection, why not make a button charm string? Follow these directions, and create a unique piece of jewelry. Discover the legend behind this old custom.
  • Jamie knows many people who collect things, and she wants to be a collector too. But what can she collect? She finds the answer when she walks into an enchanting collectable shop!
  • You're following clues to a location in the woods. You find a box, and in it are an ink pad, a stamp, and a logbook. You're a letterboxer, and you've just collected another stamp in your logbook! Join Kelsey and Molly on their letterboxing trek in the woods.
  • Spool knitters were once used to knit circular tubes. They're fun to collect because they are small and can come in many shapes. You can make your own Ladybug Spool Knitter following these easy instructions.
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